Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water

The actions of individuals can have far reaching effects

Our vision is for New Zealand and international consumers to value and choose food products that support farmers to farm more sustainably, with the result that water quality and biodiversity are restored in New Zealand within two generations.


An environmental verification system to provide the proof and trust.

A value chain to provide the choice and value.

Communication of the 3F environmental verification system and value chain to increase understanding and drive action.

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The 3F system is needed to provide: value to farmers, choice to consumers, proof and trust for brand claims, increased understanding of the issues, and a way for the actions of many individuals to lead to positive economic and environmental benefits.

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A dedicated team from different walks of life but with a strong common intention to improve both our environment and our economy.

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We need funding support to build the foundations of the 3F system. If you can help please contact us here.

With the support of farmers, communities, consumers, and regional councils in pilot catchments we will create the 3F system.

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