We all need to work together if we are to achieve swimmable and fishable waterways with improved biodiversity, and a primary production sector that is economically viable, value-focussed, and internationally competitive.

3F needs funding and support to realise the vision and enable the foundations of the 3F system to be established through the creation of:


1. An environmental verification system to provide the proof and trust. Learn more about the principles for this system here.

2. A value chain to provide the choice and value. Read more about what will be required here.

3. Communication of the 3F environmental verification system and value chain to increase understanding and drive action.

If you can provide funding or other support please contact us here.

Once the first version of the 3F environmental verification system is developed, it will be field tested with participating farmers in four catchments or sub-catchments to practically evaluate what achieving “swimmable and fishable water” objectives and high quality produce requires for on-farm changes.

The pilot catchments will represent the different types of significant contaminant challenges facing New Zealand (nitrogen, phosphorous, pathogens, and sediment), and different regional council regulatory policy responses to freshwater management.

Following the in-field test the system and plans will be reviewed and tested by farmers, regional councils, and other advisors to inform improvements to the system to be rolled out nationally.