3F in the news
  • 3F is mentioned in an article in Denizen magazine about the changing face of environmentalism.

  • Pure Advantage featured an article about Taupo Beef and discussed 3F.

  • 3F is referred to in an Otago Daily Times article on food production and changing the farming business model.

  • We are trying to establish provenance – we want to more deeply connect people to the places and the practices used to produce their food. Some reflections were featured in the Gulf Journal.

  • 3F is mentioned in an article in Idealog about Taupo Beef's success in winning the Supreme Award at the Sustainable Business Network Awards.

  • Our story and relationship with Taupo Beef was featured on Rural Delivery on TV One.

  • We plan to start with the red meat industry, as discussed in the Otago Daily Times article about 3F 'Verified clean brand for meat'.

  • We started our journey together on The Launchpad run by the great folks at the Akina Foundation, see New Zealand Herald article on 3F.